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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Egg Factor | 10 Surprising Egg facts that you must know!

If I ask you to replace the word X with egg for the following words like X-men, X-factor, Mr. X, or X-wife what will you get? Sorry about that joke. Actually, it just came to my mind while writing these Strange Facts on Eggs that I cracked up!
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The Egg Factor | 10 Surprising Egg facts that you must know!

Well, Egg is a part of our daily breakfast schedule and It has become a universal breakfast item all over the world. Whether you have scrambled eggs with toast in U.S. or egg omelet with paratha in India or Pakistan, you actually end up eating eggs daily. Agree? 

Yes, you need to admit this unless you are too EGGoistic to accept. That was a bad joke! Please excuse me.

This article aims to lay down some strange facts on eggs apart from giving you ideas to create ample egg puns and jokes.

10 Surprising Egg facts that you must know

1. Raw or Hard-Cooked

What if your friends ask you to find out if the egg given on your plate is raw or hard-cooked?  Can you guess without cracking the egg? 

Yes, you can. Simply spin the egg on a smooth surface. If it spins smoothly it means it is hard-cooked and in case it wobbles, I bet it is raw.

2. Brown vs White

Now a day we have become so much health conscious that we end up thinking and branding every brown thing as healthy and every white thing as unhealthy, fat. This is definitely a wrong idea. Brown egg is not like brown bread. White eggs and brown eggs both are healthy and have the same amount of nutritional value.
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Brown vs White Eggs

The reason brown eggs are expensive because these eggs are laid by of course brown hens. Brown hens are bigger than the white hen. For bigger brown hens the farmers have to spend more money on feeding them. That is why the brown eggs are more expensive than white eggs.

3. Hormone Free

All eggs are free from hormones naturally. It is a basic fact. When a shopkeeper tries to sell you eggs saying or branding specially harvested hormone-free eggs, please remember, it is like saying milk is white. It is because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the U.S. has banned the use of hormones in all poultry productions back in the 1950s.

4. Egg Shells

Surprisingly, the eggshell determines the age of the laying hen and not the shelf life of the egg. If the shell is hard then it means that the egg is laid by younger chickens while if the shell is thin, it means it has been laid by older chickens. Here the nutritional value remains constant and it is regardless of the breed or color of the egg.
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Egg Shells

5. The Omega-3 Myth

Omega-3 indeed has many amazing benefits that include the reduction of inflammation. Improvement of cognitive functions and may possibly also aid in reducing heart diseases. However, this does not necessarily mean we can jump to conclusion that having a particular brand of the egg which has been hatched from hens fed with flax seeds or fish oil, is a great way to get omega-3 supplements.

This is nothing but a big marketing tool as this claim of eating eggs from hen feed with flax seeds or fish oil is just a money-making advertisement tool. I can say this confidently because this claim is not USDA regulated. Further, there is no proof that such eggs would have significantly more omega-3 content.

In case that you are looking for good omega-3 supplements, you should look out for some organic and pasteurized eggs (which has more than 30 milligrams of omega-3’s), chia seeds as well as wild fatty fishes which are better options.

6. The Egg Yolk

The color of the Egg Yolk is a great indicative factor of nutritional value. The problem is that when we buy the eggs we cannot crack them to check the color!
However, here is a way to find out the nutritional value of the egg-based on the color of the yolk.

The color of the eggs varies from pale yellow, deep orange to even bright red colors. In the case of free-range hens which often eats insects or grasses gets more pigmented and bright colored yolk. On the other hand, those hens which are restricted and kept in conventional breeding cages feed with grains have lighter colored yolks.
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The Egg yolk

Is there any difference between the nutrients based on yolk colors?

Well, while the proteins and fat counts of all eggs regardless of colors remain constant, the difference lies in the micronutrient value. Eggs from pasture-raised hens that have more intake of dense nutrients have more amount of certain antioxidant carotenoids like for example lutein and bets carotene which was proved according to a study that was conducted in the Journal of Science of Food and Agriculture in 2010.

There have been many other studies and researches that also indicate that hens that are fed with healthy diets have eggs that are highly enriched with omega-3’s and less cholesterol.

7. Egg Age

Can you check the age of the eggs?

Well, you can check how old your eggs are by following a simple home experiment known as the buoyancy test.

Eggs are porous. It means that eggs allow air to move through them. As age becomes old, it takes in more air inside and develops air pockets within.

Now the buoyancy test that I was trying to explain is a simple one. Take a glass of water and place the egg on it. If the egg floats, it is ready to be eaten while if it sinks you can pass on. Another way is your sense of smell. If the eggs smell rotten you may clearly pass on.

8. Egg white or Yolk?

With the growing rate of health consciousness amongst people which is, of course, a good thing we have really become biased against egg yolk. Traditional thinking says that egg whites have proteins and egg yolk has fats. Surprisingly,  this is not true.

Both egg whites and egg yolk have the same amount of protein content approximately 3 gms of proteins each. The difference lies in the calories. For example, If you eat egg white you consume 3 gms of proteins with around 15 calories while if you eat yolk to end up having 3 gms of protein plus 60 calories. Hence for those of us who are health conscious or dieting for the perfect figure, it is better to avoid the yolk no matter how painful is that sacrifice. Having said that, it should be noted that egg yolk has a good amount of micronutrients that are very good for your health and should not be deliberately avoided unless prescribed by a doctor or healthcare professional.

9. The Cholesterol Myth

Eggs are falsely accused of inviting bad cholesterol in the body. It was in fact banned for people suffering from problems of high cholesterol. However, this is a myth. Eggs, in fact, help to reduce the cholesterol but increasing the levels of good cholesterol in the body to combat the bad cholesterol.

One single egg has about 212 mg of cholesterol. However, before you jump to banning eggs remember that this statement does not mean it is bad cholesterol. Our body naturally and constantly produces cholesterol. When we take eggs the good cholesterol in the eggs helps to reduce the bad cholesterol in the body.

10. Great Source of Vitamin D

Most of us crave a good amount of sunlight on our skin as we think it is the most natural way of consuming a good amount of vitamin D.

Do you know that you can have vitamin D daily by simply including an egg for your breakfast? 
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Great source of Vitamin-D

While there are so many options to intake vitamin D like eating Salmon, milk or cod liver oil, eggs seem to be one of the easiest and best option to give a daily boost of Vitamin D in our body.

However, it should be noted here that having boiled eggs or fried eggs are a better option than baked eggs as scrambled baked eggs often lose out the vitamin content and only about 39 to 45% of vitamins remain. On the other hard-boiled eggs retains 82 to 88 % of egg nutrients.

Hence, for your glowing skin, shiny hair, and sparkled white teeth remember not to miss out on your egg (Sorry for that joke. I cracked again)!

My top 10 egg factors might be exhausted but not my amazing egg-wise discovery. As the old proverb says, "The best is always reserved for the end".

Here is a new fact about eggs that have made me feel very proud of my eggs that I eat daily. I have saved this for my readers who have read my entire content. Here it goes. 

Egg and Eroticism?

Do you know that eggs and eroticism have a relationship? 

Well, this might sound weird but it is true. According to the study and research, eggs help to reduce stress and anxiety levels in the body. Eggs are rich in vitamins that contain B6 and B5. They also help in balancing the hormones. All these are very important to develop a healthy libido.

Eggs fall under the top ten food for inducing eroticism and sexual drive.  It is also said that eating raw eggs just before sex helps to maximize the energy levels in the body and increases the libido.

So before you pass on an egg, and prove yourself to be a crack, accept the egg factor which is so overwhelmingly enticing.

Keep loving & keep sharing,

Happy Parenting!


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