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Sunday, September 1, 2019

15 Best Educational Apps for Kids | Must-Have Apps For Students

Student life is full of adventures, hurdles, and excitement. As parents, we face challenges regarding the use of technology, the use of mobile phones, and suitable educational apps for kids. No matter how much we try to stop them using it, it becomes impossible to take away that piece of technology from their hands! (I mean Mobile Phones!)

To us as parents, technology, and children might be a dangerous combination as often the information available on the internet are not child-friendly. It might have adult content that is detrimental to a child's mental, emotional health, and growth. As parents, the common dilemma is how to guide our kids in the right way. It becomes more challenging since at the growing stage children tend to be more independent and wants to take control of their lifestyle.

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15 Best Educational Apps For Kids

Therefore I have done my research to find 15 best free amazing educational apps for android phones that every student must-have. It needs to be mentioned that the list is not exhaustive. There could be a whole lot of new items that could be added there. However, the list that I have mentioned here is time tested and proven apps that every parent might wonder how mobile phones could be made more useful for the students!

Indeed! These free android apps are highly useful for high school students as well as college students.

The best part about these apk apps is that they are free to use though there are paid options available. Also, these are easily available in the Google Play store for android phone users. Once you are aware of their roles and functionality you can find similar apps for apple phones too. Since android is widely used by the students I have listed these apps easily available on Google Play Store.

15 Best Educational Apps for Kids

#1. Forest:

The first app that I would like to recommend to those who find it difficult to remain focused on is forest App. This is one of the best free apps for Android phones that help kids to focus and concentrate on the current work or assignment.

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Forest app

Often it becomes a big problem for many of us including our kids to stop surfing and navigating from one field of interest to another. We find children starting to research a particular topic and then subsequently get digressed from the main topic and start checking out other fields of interest. It becomes more difficult especially when most of the pages have an advertisement that children often fall into the marketing trap. This way studies get hampered and assigned work remains unattended and incomplete.

This Android free gaming app helps one to get rid of problems of lack of concentration and focus. All you need to do is install this Apk app from Google play store or any downloading site and open this app, set the timer. Let's say 15 min or 30 min for beginners and in the next 15 or 30 minutes, you need to remain focused on the particular activity in the app. If you navigate to some other site your app will stop all progress that you have made so far and you end up being in a barren land. In this free Android gaming app if you cannot stay focused you might end up having unwanted trees without any leaves. On the other hand, when you stay focused on the activity on the app you end up having a lush green forest and perhaps with some forest coins with which you can buy more trees of your choice.

This app does not make your child stay focused but indirectly it gives a nice message to be environmentally friendly and help develop the mindset to be a responsible environmental conscious person which is a pretty cool concept.

I have been using this app for quite some time and have also advised my son to use it to develop concentration power and remain more focused. Thankfully I have got happy responses!

#2. To do list:

To do list comes very handy to set your goals and track them from time to time to check how many goals you have achieved in a week or month. When you have this app on your child's phone your child gets things all sorted. It not only helps to understand and target the goals but also to check and track of those goals are being achieved within the time that has been customized.

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To-do list App

However, the problem starts when your child does not open this app or forgets to open the app.

To solve this problem, I would like to recommend another app called Habit tracker.

#3. Habit Tracker:

In a student's life, people develop or aspire to develop so many habits that they often overlook or forget. Some habits that we want to develop. There are some habits that children would like to get rid of. When parents or adults try to correct them they often rebel as they do not like things to be told or dictated to them.

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Habit Tracker App

In this situation this Habit Tracker app lets you take control of your habits. Once you have this app you need to open this app, enter all the habits you would like to develop, or want to get rid of and set the setting on the phone for a weekly, daily, or monthly format that keeps us reminded of the habits.

Whether it is regular exercise or revising a certain lesson daily or stop using mobile phone for more than 1 hour a day, it helps one to develop a good habit and quit bad habits to stay consistent and focused.

#4. Wikipedia:

Wikipedia is a very helpful app which is a must-have for every student.

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Wikipedia App

I would recommend this app to everyone for the following reasons:

  • Free app
  • Very informative
  • Comes handy when in need
  • Easy to use
  • Unlike browser, it does not have ads that distract easily

#5. School Planner:

The School Planner app helps students to plan activities for the day/week/month that helps them to have control over their activities and tasks and remain planned and peaceful. There could be an assignment due date or a list of things one needs to accomplish for a project activity that often gets out of our minds. The School Planner app helps us to chalk up our plans appropriately.

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School Planner App

Why do we need a School Planner app when we have To do list app?

There are some differences between To do list and School Planner for which I would recommend everyone to use both of them. First, while the to-do list helps us to pen down the list of things, the School Planner app gets you a whole calendar which is very simple and handy just like a physical calendar. Second, the School Planner has a timetable and event manager called agenda that lists out upcoming events. Third, it has back up for Google Drive, notification for future events, and agenda. However if one is very comfortable using To do list app alone then they can definitely go ahead if their needs are fulfilled.

This android app is very handy for students of all ages. Whether your kids are in elementary, high school, or college, this app is for everyone.

#6. Tide:

The Tide as it makes me think of the waves in the ocean and its sounds is a calming and soothing app that every student must have which helps them to listen to calming sounded helping them to rest, relax or sleep.

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Tide App

Our children are as much as (if not more!) Stressed as us. It could be stress due to projects, assignments, assessments, or peer pressure that makes our children lose peaceful sleep and rest. The Tide app helps you to sleep with its calming sounds. Example: the sound of rainfall, the sound of oceanic waves, the sound of cool and gentle breezes. The modern society that we live in gives us a lot of stress and noises that are very disturbing. Example: construction going on in the neighborhood of the apartment, traffic sounds, etc. Sometimes our children get too much stress, distress, accompanied by headache and hyper activities that need to be cooled down. This is one of the best apps for kids with anxiety. This apk app helps us to stay calm and meditate which helps to develop concentration which is very important for student life.

#7. Headspace:

Although this app is full of adds the Headspace app helps you to sleep. The voice in the app is very calming and soothing. It reminds us of when to get sleep. Sometimes it is very difficult for parents of adolescent children to check if the child sleeps at a proper time or not. I need to knock on my son’s door to request him to go to bed at the right time knowing that he would only sleep when he doses off himself.

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Headspace App

So Headspace comes handy to me as I have installed this app in my son's phone and set the timer on his phone to sleep.

#8. Evernote:

As students often need to take running notes, Evernote is one app that is very user-friendly, simple, and easy to use. Sometimes certain ideas come to our mind or we are in urgent need of jotting important points and we start searching for a pen and paper. At this time this Android app proves to be a helping mate as this app is dedicated to this cause.

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Evernote App

Evernote app is useful for everyone. I use it daily whenever I need to pen down my thoughts or ideas which surprisingly comes only at odd places when it is least expected and I am not prepared with pen and paper. Evernote is simple and very helpful for taking simple notes.

#9. E-reader Prestigio:

Nowadays everything comes online and there are times students get a softcopy of important notes. E-reader Prestigio reads almost all different formats in the file. This one app helps to get rid of different reading apps. The main reason that I would like to recommend this app is that it has a unique voice readout feature. This means an automated robotic voice would read out the entire file for us.

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eReader Prestigio App

Although the voice might sound very robotic, it is very helpful when we are unable to read anymore when our eyes are exhausted, stained, tired. This android app is helpful for students who have learning difficulties and it is one of the best free android apps for kids with autism.

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#10. Tiny Scanner/CamScanner:

Tiny Scanner is a very useful app to scan an important document, pictures, ID cards and it has customized formats for various needs.

This Android free app is easily available in the Google play store or we can download this apk app from any android app downloading website.

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Tiny Scanner App

The difference between CamScanner and a tiny scanner is that the tiny scanner does not add any watermark in its free version.

However, both are very useful and I shall leave the choice to the user to choose anyone that they feel comfortable.

#11. Money Manager:

The money manager is a very helpful free android app for college and high school students and it helps them to use their money wisely and not fall short of money suddenly when it needs.

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Money Manager App

At the beginning of the new month, you need to add your monthly allowance in the app. Then on a daily basis, you can list out the various expenses and you get to know the balance left for you to manage the entire month. It is very difficult to remember when and where we had spent our money. Often we forget to keep track of our spending habits. By using this free android app one is well aware of how much money is spent, how one can stop spending much money on unnecessary things and how money could be better used and utilized.

#12. Blue Light Filter:

Student life could be hectic and stressful although it has its fun and excitement. As parents, we are worried about the health and development of our child. Older children have a habit of reading on the phone during the night and as parents, we are concerned about its harmful impacts on the eyes. The eyes feel tired and strained while reading on the phone during the night. Often students find it difficult to sleep after using the phone for long hours. This app blue light filter is one of the best apps to address this issue. The blue light be it a phone or tablet has a visible light spectrum of 380 - 550 nm. It has been proved by scientists that reducing blue light can help improve sleeping habits.

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Blue light filter App

The Blue Light Filter Android app adjusts the screen to the natural surrounding color. It has a power saver and filter which can be easily adjusted by increasing or decreasing its intensity by simply sliding button. One gets a better reading experience without hurting one’s eyes.

#13. Google Docs:

Google Docs is one of the best web-based application in which necessary documents or spreadsheets can be easily created. It is compatible with M.S. word and it is very simple and easy to use. One of the best features of this Android app is real-time compilation and collaboration while checking and tracking each other's updates and necessary changes at the same time.

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Google Docs App

This app is very useful for pair or groups assignments or projects where students need to work together simultaneously with team members, track changes and create the required documents or spreadsheets.

I use Google Doc for writing my articles on a home when I am not stationed at home. I can write it anywhere anytime and the data gets automatically saved.

#14. Google Keep:

Google never fails to surprise us with useful applications. One such application is Google keep. Although it is an old app many people perhaps are not completely aware of its usefulness and usages.

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Google Keep App

This is a neat, clean, and simple app.one needs to have a Google account and can use this app on desktop or phone. After we install this app it gives two options. Create a note and an empty note. Although it is similar to sticky notes of windows but is it more useful and effective. One can set reminders, especially for exam or assignment due dates. One can easily select date and time along with location details. Colour can be customized and can be easily shared. One can add images effortlessly and copy the file to Google Docs. Levels can be created and drawings can be added to be more customized. Once you enter the information it comes like a list. Once a particular task is completed one can put a check in the checkbox and the line gets cut. This way one can get track of things pending and focus on them.

#15. Grammarly:

When you install Grammarly keyboard in your android phone you are all sorted. When it comes to writing effortlessly, mistake-free, grammatically correct English, this app is a sure boon.

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Grammarly App

Grammarly has hundreds of checks available as its important feature. The Grammarly keyboard smoothly and efficiently integrates with other apps by which one can easily send the file as email, LinkedIn message, or Facebook post with confidence effortlessly. I am not promoting the use of social media by students here however we need to admit that it does play an important role for official purposes too. When we use available technology for learning or development purpose it is always a good thing.

Grammarly, being one of the best educational apps for kids that has a newly added feature updated in the app called synonyms where students can learn and use proper vocabulary while writing notes. Not only children, among the best educational apps for adults Grammarly stands a good position. I use Grammarly whenever I write!

I have tried to list out some very basic educational apps for kids that are interesting, helpful and some of the best free android apps ever that especially every high school student or college student would find it useful. Most of these apk apps or similar to these are also available for iPhones having similar functions. One bonus app that I would like to share here is Quora which has been really helpful and effective for students nowadays.

Quora is a forum website and a question-answer site having a blogging facility where one can ask questions or doubts and get it answered by other Quora members. The reason I have not listed amongst the best android app is that we cannot trust the authenticity of all the information provided. We need to check on that before completely relying on it. However, since many people post answers we can have a check on it.

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Quora App

When you create a new account in Quora you are asked about your field of interest and you get notified with a similar topic of your choice. Similarly, one is also allowed to post an answer to other people's queries and this way remains a bit social and informative with confidence which is also important for students.

I hope my article on 15 best Educational Apps for kids was helpful to you. As already stated this list is not exhaustive. In case you are aware of more helpful android free apps for students you can surely let me know by writing your valuable comments.

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