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Monday, July 15, 2019

5 Reasons How Indian Education System Spoil Your Child’s Career | Parenting Mistakes & Advice

Have you ever asked your child if he or she is excited to go to school?

Well, I did and the answer was negative!

I realized that had I been asked the same question years back, I would have definitely and invariably given the same answer, NO.

Has nothing been changed since then and I don’t know since when?
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Indian Education System Spoil Your Child’s Career

5 Reasons How Indian Education System Spoil Your Child’s Career.

#1. System

The Indian education system that we currently follow has a content way back in the 19th Century; the architecture was actually planned and implemented back in 1835 when English Education Act was passed to bridge the gap between the British and the Indian to help create more English educated Clerks. This brings us to the All-Mighty syllabus that we have now which forces children to learn and be perfect in all subjects. The Methodology of education is 20th Century designed for the Students belonging to the 21st century.   

Does this mean that we are forcing our children to run and compete in the rat race to prove themselves as best clerks? With rote memorization techniques and skills develop memory power are we producing Talking Parrots?

#2. Lack of Infrastructure

This is the second culprit to Spoil your child’s Career.

According to the current figure, there are about 3.5 crores students who pass out every year looking for college admission. The number of Colleges are about 50 thousand and there are about 950 Universities in India.

What we need is a good number of Premiere Autonomous Institutes. Due to the lack of good colleges with proper infrastructure, there are only limited seats available for the students.

A good number of new colleges and Institutes promising a good career has been opened in order to do good business. However, they lack experience and expertise. This leads to a poor standard of learning and development.

The entire system is designed in such a way where traits of individual creativity and innovation are considered as a crime. We put our children under the same system and admit them to the best of schools who promises us so-called holistic development! (Huh) Following the same syllabus and infrastructure is it?

First, the education system itself is faulty with the 19th Century model then these new education Institutions who are private bodies come up with inefficient and inexperienced educational backgrounds that put the child’s career at complete risk.

Now a day’s school promises so many things. Those are nothing but money-making techniques. Trust me those dancing and singing activities have nothing to do with professional skills when they have to face the industry with their application based knowledge as they need to prove how productive they are in the current job market.

That leads us to the third reason how the current education system spoils our children’s career.

#3. Learning Pattern-Theory Based Knowledge

A recent survey states that 77% of students complete basic Class 10 education in India; 55 % of the students complete the Class 12 exam and 26% are College pass outs. There are around 88 lakhs students who pass out as graduates every year.

The current problem in India is not just unemployment but also underemployment. A vast majority of engineering graduates be in a mechanical engineer or chemical engineer end up being Software Engineer at the bottom level, In fact, they are the lucky ones. Others I know even work in call center industries in night shifts to make some money as technical consultants solving hardware or software IT issues!

The industry today aspires for Lean Management Structures, Automation and Resource management techniques for which job opportunities are getting lesser and lesser.

In this scenario, application less, theory-oriented knowledge has no stand in the global business market. Problem-solving techniques and research-based learning are missing.
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Theory-Based Learning Pattern

In Harvard University, the learning pattern is as follows:
  1. Case Study 80%
  2. Project 10%
  3. Lecture 5%
  4. Learning 5%

In Stanford University, the learning pattern is:
  1. Case Study 40%
  2. Project 25%
  3. Lecture 20%
  4. Learning 15%

In Wharton University, on the other hand, the following learning pattern is practiced:
  1. Case Study is 40 %
  2. Project 25%
  3. Lecture 20%
  4. Learning 15%

As the famous line goes, 

"Tell me! I may forget".
"Show me! I might remember".
"Involve me! I will understand and apply".

This concept is missing in our current Indian EducationSystem. Even when we have projects in our final year of studies, we end up buying them from the local market in Delhi for cheap rates to pass our exams.

#4. Standardized Testing Techniques

As already discussed the Current EDUCATION system in India needs a change. Due to its primitive content and infrastructure with an All Mighty syllabus, the application of knowledge gets seriously compromised. In fact, it leaves no room for innovation and creativity.

The testing technique that we currently evaluate children is also primitive. It puts unnecessary pressure on the children. It encourages so-called healthy competition which in no way proved healthy with the given high rate of suicides committed by such unfortunate innocent victims.

How can theory-based marks determine the knowledge and the success of an individual?

#5. Lack of Real Faculty

 One thing I had been noticing in many educational institutions is that they have also adopted the cost-cutting techniques like in other industries. This means they would like to get faculty or facilitators who are ready to work for a low pay scale. In this case, they often hire fresh graduates who are inexperienced and train them or try to manage to get someone who is seriously looking for a job and not able to find any decent job elsewhere. So a compromise kind of situation develops, the average salary of Indian professors are 30 to 37 thousand. Now with this kind of pay scale, where would the excitement come from when he takes the class? The conditions of School Teachers in Private schools are far more pathetic.
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Lack of real faculty

The students, on the other hand, are also demotivated and bored. They come to college to get the minimum percentage of attendance.

Hence with incompetent faculties teaching with traditional methodology of the classroom-based theoretical model, we cannot expect our children to make big in the world of global Industry which is absolutely application-based.

So what can we do as parents for our children? This thought perhaps is obvious that comes to our mind.

Parenting Mistakes & Advice

#1. Drop the Mind Set of Score

The first and foremost thing that we as a parent should do is to scrap the mindset of marks and scores. Do not push your children to score the highest if they are unable to reach your level of expectation. These Schools teach them how to be a good parrot and they test their memory power.

Give your children a relaxed lifestyle. Explore them. Find out what they are good at and guide them accordingly. Let them know that their self-worth is more important than these scores. That would stop the growing rate of stress and tension that perhaps is one of the causes of the rapid increase of suicides. We do not want any more cases like 16-year-old Abhimanyu or 17-year-old Kirti who had to succumb to the pressure and sacrificed their lives by committing suicide.

Is there any book to learn how to swim?  Book on How to drive or How to use the Internet?

These are things we pick up with practical knowledge and not by learning theory in the classroom.

In life, it is more important to teach your children life skills, practical knowledge, and application of concepts and theory connected with the present lifestyle.
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Drop the mindset of score

Hence do not fall into the trap of good schools and a great school. There is nothing called the best school. No matter what extracurricular activities they claim to teach that does not serve any purpose when they face the world of Industry. Those singing classes and dancing classes or karate do not lead to state levels or national levels. Even schools do not hold an inter-school competition on these extracurricular. Only science, math or English are tested. That too with a traditional methodology that leaves no room for creativity. There are standard MCQ’s you need to mark the correct answer based on memory power.

#2. Teach Professional Skills

What needs to be incorporated and adapted to your child’s lifestyle is Professional Skills.
What are professional Skills? Professional skills are the expertise that your child needs to possess when they step in the world of Industry in the job or business market.

The traditional mindset is that when the child passes grade 12, in the summer vacation we start thinking about enrolling them for professional skills like computer knowledge or in earlier times typing and other things.

Now at that crucial adolescent age when the child is undergoing hormonal imbalance, he or she would be more likely to be interested to have girlfriends or boyfriends and chit chat for a while than going to boring Institutes. It is true that at this age children go beyond control and are not ready to listen. To rebel becomes their mission as if.

These professional skills need to be polished and developed right from grade 3-4 when they are at the budding phase of growth and it should be a continuous process of learning these skills-building interests and strong foundation.

One needs to remember to keep in mind their child’s passion and likeness while choosing the professional skills for them.
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Teach professional skills

Some of the professional skills I could think of are as follows:
  • Digital Marketing
  • YouTube Video Making
  • Animation
  • Graphics
  • Photography
  • Excel and Word
  • Communication & Public Speaking
  • Fashion Designing
  • Jewelry Designing
  • Learning Basic programming languages
  • Leather technology and so on

If we start training them for 1 hour daily for anyone of this professional course from childhood then perhaps when they pass out schools and colleges, they would become trained and skilled individuals ready to knock out any Interview.

#3. Train them based on Passion

I am sure, we as Indians remember Dronacharya who had continued Prashuram’s legacy of having his own school in advanced Military arts. If we remember Mahabharata we would know that Dronacharya had trained both Pandavas and Kauravas. Pandavs had five brothers known as Pancha Pandavas. Each had excelled in their own field of expertise. For example, Yudhirthir was excellent in using Spear known as Bhale. Bhim was master in Gada; Arjun excelled in Bow and Arrow (Teer Dhanush); Nakul was matchless in Sword (Talwar); Sahadeva was outstanding in using Axe ( Kulhari).

While Guru Dronacharya gave basic education to all five brothers, he trained them individually based on their passion and expertise.

Imagine Dronachrya telling Bhim that what is the use of using Gada, it has no future, learn how to use spear-like Yudhisthir! Do you think Pandavas could win over the Kauravas or kill any of their soldiers if they had been trained in this kind of mindset?
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Professional skills based on their passion

So we need to understand the passion and interests of our children and groom them accordingly. We need such Dronacharya in our house as parents, in our school and other educational institutions as teachers or facilitators.

Albert Einstein once said that every individual is a genius. If we judge a fish on its capacity to climb a tree, it would believe itself as a failure in its whole life!
I have written my views and thoughts on the current education system, its fallacies & drawback and tried to come up with the mentioned rules and guidelines that every parents and teacher could follow to make a greater difference in their children’s life.

If you have any more valuable solutions to address the fallacies of the current education system, you are welcome to share your thoughts and ideas on this platform.

Happy Parenting!


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