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Thursday, September 20, 2018

My Top 5 Strange Health and Fitness tips

Congratulations on taking a step forward to read my article on health and fitness tips. This proves that you have taken an interest in good health and body.

Does remaining fit and in shape a distant dream for you? 

Does dieting become a painful penance or self-punishment? 

Then this article is surely for you to read and understand some positive health and fitness tips that everybody which is simple, easy, and achievable.

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Top 5 Strange Health and Fitness tips

Here is a list of top 5 strange health tips for you

1. Drink hot drinks to stay cool

Strange but true. In India for example, people drink hot tea in hot weather at least 2-3 times a day. That might sound crazy but according to the latest study, it says that when you drink hot drinks, it actually cools your body faster than cold drinks. Perhaps the reason could be that when you drink hot to drink your body produces more sweat which when evaporates might cool you off.
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Drinking hot tea keeps you cool

2. Exercise when you feel you need Energy

This again might sound contradictory, as when you exercise you tend to lose energy as our traditional thinking says. Above all the last thing you want after your hard days are over is to go to the gym to do some workout!

However, when we do exercise, we actually recharge our tired muscles and cells by giving them some extra boost of oxygen in the process. The muscle-building process during our hard workouts further increases the efficiency of mitochondria which in turn function to provide energy to the cells.

Ultimate weight loss formula blue print: Step by step training program.
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Exercise helps to gain energy

3. Eating regularly at intervals

Another strange but true health and fitness tips are to ensure that you keep eating every two hours to remain fit and slim as well. 

How is that possible? 

Well, when you eat a small amount of balanced food at regular intervals like 2-3 hours you end up boosting your body’s metabolism that helps in burning more fat.

However, there are some basic rules to be followed here:

Rule No 1 - Make sure that you drink water in an empty stomach early in the morning and finish your breakfast within one hour of rising.

Rule No 2 - Try eating every 2-3 hours after that.

Rule No 3 - Make sure that you stop eating 2-3 hours before you go to bed.

The most important point here to be noted is that make sure you eat the recommended portion depending on your body type and your health requirement. To know more about portion size, you should check with a dietician or a nutritional expert who can actually guide you the best portion recommended for every meals, snacks or dessert.
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Eat regularly to remain fit & slim

Generally, average meals should not have more than 400 calories. Snacks could be somewhere between 90-100 calories and a desert maximum of 50 calories. That would make a total of around 1450-1500 calories maximum.

4. A Good Night Sleep

Lack of proper sleep is one of the key factors causing stress, anxiety, and the most important obesity. Improper sleep increases your body mass.  If you are poor sleeper chances are there that your metabolism gets on hibernation mode. Further many studies have proven that if you are a poor sleeper you have an increased appetite which has several health hazards. Moreover, poor sleepers often have higher BMI (Body Mass Index). Moreover, when you sleep less you are less energetic. When you are less energetic you are unable to perform proper physical activities which are absolutely necessary to remain fit and healthy.

Therefore you must sleep enough to remain fit and healthy.
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A good night sleep

How much you need to sleep on a day of 24 hours?

According to the National Sleep Foundation report the following details are to be taken into consideration:

For adults, the minimum amount of sleeping hours should be 7-9 hours.

For children, the minimum amount of sleeping hours is 9-11 hours.

For infants (till 1 year), it should be 14-17 hours.

Please note that the hours given above is a rough estimate as it may vary from person to person.

5. Sex and Fitness

Does Sex keep your body and mind fit and healthy? 

Well, it does. This is simply like eating a cake and the cherry too!

How about doing an activity that actually gives you a feeling of bliss as well as good health?

No matter how much you sweat while enjoying your gym or any kind of physical exercise nothing can beat the result of proper healthy sex. You end up burning more calories than even on a treadmill

Can you imagine this? 

Sex is the biggest exercise if you are a good performer unless of course, you just remain still and dead during sex. That is anyways unhealthy and unacceptable.
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Regular sex keeps you healthy & young

Another positive link between sex and fitness is that it keeps you physically conscious. It makes you realize that your body is important and you tend to take more good care of your body to remain fit and healthy. It triggers positive hormones and keeps you stress-free. It even reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks by almost 50%.

Interestingly, no anti-aging serum and treatments can do such wonders as a regular sex life does to a person. According to a recent study conducted in Scotland, it said that men and women who had sex at least 4 times a week looked much younger than any other person of that age group.

That’s it today. I hope you all liked and enjoyed my top 10 strange health and fitness tips. I am open to hearing new tips and ideas for a healthy lifestyle. In case you have your top 10 tips, feel free to share it with all of us in WifeyStuffs.

Keep loving & Keep sharing,

Happy Parenting!


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