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Sunday, May 31, 2020

My Throat Hurts | Sore Throat Treatment

India is in complete-lockdown and so are many other countries in this world (If not complete maybe a partial lockdown). Perhaps this is the first time in the last 100 years a pandemic like COVID-19 has impacted so many people across nations at the same time. The last time I have had heard about such an event was perhaps in the 18th century when there was a plague attack.

Imagine, amidst this global threat, what would happen if your voice gives you a complete lockdown?  

That is what has happened to me in the last few weeks.

I have been put to mute for weeks.

In this article, I shall be sharing my personal experience during this lockdown when my throat has been severely injured affecting my larynx and the muscles around the area.

The reason I am sharing this journey is first, of course, I need some mental and emotional support because of this physical ailment. Secondly, I would like to reach out to people having similar symptoms so that they can find some information and solace after reading through my process of healing.

My Agenda for today's discussion would be as follows: 

  • My journey to my Sore Throat injury/infection
  • My Process of Recovery
  • Homemade remedies (Tried and Tested personally)
  • Basic Exercises and Therapies that worked for me 
  • FAQ’s of Sore Throat / Throat Injury 
  • Takeaway

My Journey to My Sore Throat:

Well, I could not come up with a better subtitle than this!

On May 1st, I was lying in bed completely exhausted with the lockdown and housework. My 5-year-old son was sleeping beside me. Suddenly I felt a stabbing pain on my throat. I felt I am dreaming of some vampire attack! (I have been watching Stranger Things and Vampire Diaries lately!)

Well! The pain was so much that I jumped to sit down while trying to catch the object of attack. It was the left foot of my little one. Perhaps he was dreaming of Football!

Whatever it is I coughed and since I was extremely tired I could not pull myself up to grab some ice packs. So, I slept back. I woke up after almost 8 hours and I slept through the night with one side in a typically odd posture. The figure below depicts my sleeping posture.

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Bad Sleeping Posture

Now that you have seen this bad sleeping posture. I am sure you can understand how I had aggravated my injury.

So after I woke up I found certain uneasy neck pain. I had no idea what the throat injury had in store of me.

It took me two days for me to realize my throat pain. The neck sprain was very sober and it just took 4 to 5 days to recover from the one-sided neck sprain because of the wrong sleeping posture.

However, this throat injury resulted to aggravate over time and my throat was sore completely. My throat felt dry and rough and I found little difficulty to talk. That was till day 10-14. On the 14th day, I felt a bit better and so I ended up in a Zoom conference call with a wedding photographer and I aced my great vocal cord venting out my frustration and unhappiness of the photoshoots taken for my sister’s wedding. That was the event that triggered the curse of Sore Throat up to a new level!

Oh My God! Since then i.e. May 14th till now my throat is giving me a hard time.
So much so that I am stressed mentally, exhausted physically, and emotionally fully charged. God help my husband! (Lolz) Well, he has a silent but violent wife to deal with now!

My Process of Recovery and Investigation:

Now, as soon I had realized what a mess I had done. I began my journey to look out for remedies from Sore throat problems and processes of recovery. I gave some hard time to Google search and Alexa asking for anything and everything related to sore throat, throat injury, larynx attack, throat muscle injury, Globus sensation. I became a research scholar learning about anything and everything related to a throat problem.

That is also one of the reasons that I decided to share all the information that I had managed to get so that it might be useful to my readers.

Sore throat and Strep Throat:

First and foremost Sore throat, is a common problem. Strep Throat is like a stepbrother of Sore Throat that results in white patches on the tonsils or at the back of the throat, swollen lymph nodes which are right below the ear lobes, headache, and difficulties in breathing or while swallowing food, Rheumatic fever, ear pain, etc.

What does Sore throat mean?

It means a certain pain, irritation, itchiness, and discomfort in the throat area.

The area specifically I am referring here is given in the diagram below:

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Throat diagram

Typical Symptoms of Sore throat are as follows:

  • Scratchy throat
  • Ear pain
  • Cough and cold
  • Fever
  • Congestion
  • Runny Nose
  • Breathing problem

What causes Sore throat?

While the most common cause of Sore throat is cold and flu and other viral infections, there could be other infections caused by bacteria, dry air, allergies like dust allergy, smoke or certain chemicals, injury ( as in my case), Gerd (Gastroesophageal reflex disease or lastly tumor.

(For more information and knowledge please scroll down in the FAQ section of this paper for almost all question and answers on Sore throat and Throat injury-related issues with remedies)

My Home-based remedies:

Now that there is a complete lockdown in my area where I am living, even going to a medical clinic is a challenge. More so because the sore throat is also one of the symptoms of COVID-19 that medical practitioners would first ask you to undergo the COVID-19 test and stay in the hospital for a couple of days for the results to come and remain isolated. I know my case was an injury but the panic creators are not in any less in numbers.

This was the reason I sorted to home-based remedies first and wanted to check on me for other symptoms of COVID-19 like cough, fever, etc.

My home-based Tried and tested remedy:

  • Saltwater Gargling- It is heaven! It gives immediate relief.
  • Honey is a buddy.
  • Ginger is a pain killer! Raw Ginger, Ginger tea, Dry ginger powder, take your pick. (I picked all!)
  • Chamomile Tea! It relaxes you and puts you to sleep.
  • Warm Water... Stay Hydrated.
  • Try Golden Milk also known as Turmeric Milk
  • Clove and Cinnamon Tea/ Infusion drink
  • Try OTC pain reliever like ibuprofen, Acetaminophen.
  • Hot water bath or Steam bath
  • Take some Steam
  • Basic breathing exercise/Yoga
  • Basic exercise and therapy for throat muscle relaxation. (Discussed down below )
  • Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol.
  • Avoid Stress
  • Stop Negative thinking! Mind and Body are related.
  • Aroma Therapy- Rosemary, lavender oil, lemon oil soothes and gives relief from pain and anxiety
  • Try de-stressing yourself with Music
  • A nice walk on the terrace. (during quarantine!)
  • Give Time
  • Rest your voice

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Cloves benefits

I had tried each and every home-based remedies. It had given me result but I am still not 100% normal.

Some BASIC Exercises for Throat Muscle relaxation and therapy:

Exercise/Therapy #1 - Swallow and Yawn Exercise:
  • Put your finger on Adam’s apple or  laryngeal prominence (medical name).
  • Try to Swallow.
  • Notice the upward motion of movement of the muscle.
  • Now keep moving the finger on the top of Adam’s apple and try to relax.
  • Next to keeping the finger on Adam’s apple try to yawn.
  • Notice the downward movement of Adam’s apple.
  • Now repeat this step of yawning at least 5 times slowly.

Exercise/ Therapy #2 - Massage your Throat Larynx Area:
  • Try massaging either side of Adam’s apple with thumb and index finger leaving the area in the middle i.e. top of Adam’s apple free.
  • Try massaging the area lightly for few times and try to relax.

Exercise/ Yoga Therapy #3 - Lion’s Breathe Exercise:
  • Sit in a relaxed and comfortable position or try to sit in kneel down position so that your bottom touches the feet.
  • Place both your hands-on the knees and keep the fingers open.
  • Inhale deeply.
  • Stick out your tough while you Exhale releasing as air from the lungs.
  • Repeat the Exercise.
  • Now again Inhale deeply
  • While exhaling sticks your tough out and tries positioning your eyes in a way that you are trying to see the inside of the forehead probably from where the eyebrows start. Roll your eyes.
  • You might look like a Zombie but it relaxes your sore throat.

Please note that initially, I had only concentrated on the first two massage techniques that had given me a positive result. The last one I have started practicing it later when the pain had subsided a bit.

It is important to mention here that Lion’s breathe is an excellent yoga for tension and stress relief.It can be done in many ways like lying down, sitting position, cross-legged, and so on. It is also known as Simhasana Pranayama. Pranayama means a yoga posture that involves different ways of breathing exercises. Example: Alternate nostril breathing technique, Canon breath, Sitali breath, and many more.

Check out the animated video given below to add some humor amidst this pain.

Doctor Visit: 

At last, I decided to go and check with a local doctor as a clinic has been opened in my local area to address general illness. I decided to give it a try and check with an expert in the profession.

Here is what the doctor had told me:
Gargling is good, continue saltwater gargling every two hours.
The doctor told me it could be a muscle pull and gave me a medicine called Zerodol - P.

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Sore Throat Medicine

After 3 days when I went for a check-up again yesterday, she had informed me that no more medicine now. It will get healed normally. Give it some time. I don’t know how much more time! Yes, patience and positivity is the key I guess.

SO I am again back to square 1 as the doctor confirmed to me that the home-based treatment for the recovery of sore throat was good enough and I should continue with that.

So I am doing salt water gargling now every two hours and continuing my tried and tested home remedies for sore throat. I hope I recover completely soon. Wish me luck!

FAQ section: 

I have created this FAQ section for my friends, family, and readers so that I can provide them all information related to Throat pain/ throat injury/Sore Throat under one section.

Do let me know in the comment box if it is helpful!

50 FAQ Questions and Answers related to Throat Injury/Sore Throat/Throat pain:

#Q1. How do you heal a sore throat?

  • Gargle with salt and water
  • OTC pain relief
  • Honey
  • Ginger Tea
  • Herbal tea with cloves, cinnamon, ginger, and lemon
  • Chamomile Tea
  • Steam Shower
  • Stay Hydrated with warm water
  • Remain Positive
  • Relax! You will get through.

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Ginger Benefits

#Q2 How long does it take to recover from throat injury?

It depends on the severity of the injury. It can take weeks up to 12 weeks for complete recovery.

Normally 10-12 days is a good time.

#Q3. How do you tell if your throat is damaged?

The throat is a painful, scratchy, irritated feeling. You can also feel dry and rough inside your throat. Pain and difficulty while speaking or swallowing is a good indication.

#Q4. What is Laryngeal Trauma?

It means injury to the voicebox which is known as Larynx.

#Q5. Can you injure your throat from coughing?

Yes, you can. My sister bled blood while she had a severe cough and cold.

#Q6. How do you heal a damaged throat from coughing?

Please check the home remedies for my tried and tested remedies. A spoonful of honey in a warm glass of water is bliss. Gargling with salt water is a blessing.

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Honey Treatment

#Q7. Can you burst a blood vessel in your throat from coughing?

Yes, that is also possible. Often people bleed blood mucus because of excessive coughing.

#Q8. How do you know if your windpipe is damaged?

  • Breathing difficulty
  • Voice change –hoarseness
  • Coughing
  • Abnormal breathing sound

#Q9. How do you heal a bruised throat?

Please go through my tried and tested home remedies and exercises.

#Q10. Can you fracture your throat?

I am not sure about fracture but you can damage your major arteries and veins that pass through the throat. Also, there could be a fracture of the cartilage structure of the Larynx. Normally children get this. In many pediatric cases, this kind of trauma results when a child falls or gets a blow to the neck.

#Q11. How to evaluate your throat injury?

  • Your body is the best judge. It immediately signals if you have injured.
  • Do you feel difficulty while swallowing?
  • Is your voice hoarse?
  • Do you feel the fullness of the Throat?
  • Did you split blood?
  • Do you feel if your throat is swollen?
  • Do you have breathing difficulty?

If any of the answers are “Yes” then you have injured your throat.

#Q12. When should you see a doctor in case of a sore throat?

You must check with a doctor if you feel the following symptoms:

  • Spinal pain
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Difficulty to swallow
  • Movement difficulty

#Q13. What are the home treatments available for throat pain/injury?

Please refer to the home remedies that I have shared.

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Warm water benefits

#Q14. What is Globus Sensation?

Globus Sensation is the feeling of having a lump in your throat that magically comes and goes with stress. It does not interfere with eating or drinking. Gargle with salt water seems to be the only reliever.

#Q15. Does drinking water help to reduce throat tension?

Hell Yes!!!
Water is blissful. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated often and drink warm water always.

#Q16. Does Stress affect throat pain?

Absolutely. I have my personal experience. The more I worry and stress out the more I feel the pain.

#Q17. What is the Red Flag emergency of Throat Trauma?

Red Flag emergency are as follows:

  • Hoarseness of voice
  • Difficulty to Swallow
  • Fullness of Throat
  • Swelling in the Neck
  • Splitting Blood
  • Breathlessness.

While the above symptoms are not uncommon, you need to check the intensity and severity level. As for me, there is nothing like a red flag emergency that you should fleak out. Relax, you will sail through this. If the intensity is very strong then it is a good idea to check with a doctor.

#Q18. What do you do if you have a throat emergency?

  • Remain Calm
  • Relax
  • Dial 911
  • Don’t swallow anything for the time being.

#Q19. What is the best medicine for throat pain?

There is no best medicine. The OTC pain relief medicines would be ibuprofen, Acetaminophen.

#Q20. What causes pain in the throat?

  • Cold and Flu
  • Strep Throat
  • Sore Throat
  • Allergies
  • Smoke and Dust Pollution
  • Injury (Like mine)
  • Gerd
  • Tumor

#Q21. What kills Sore Throat fast?

  • Salt Water Gargling
  • Rest
  • Relaxed Mind

#Q22. How long does a Sore Throat last?

Normally it lasts for 3-10 days and can even prolong longer in case of severe injury.

#Q23. Is Lemon Good for Sore Throat?

Yes, Lemon is good for sore throat.

#Q24. How do you clear throat infection?

That is a good question! I have been working on that. Check out for home remedies and exercises for throat pain relief.

#Q25. How do I stop Sore throat?

You can’t stop it. Yes, Gargling is a good idea.

#Q26. What food/fruits are good for sore throat cure?

There is no specific fruit or food that I can think of. However Banana is gentle on the throat if it gets rough.

Chicken Soup with pepper is healthy and Yummy for Sore throat
For vegetarians, a good vegetable soup with pepper and garlic is very soothing for the throat.

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Chicken Soup Benefits

Yellow and Red Bell peppers are good in oxidants and it is a good idea to add in the diet. Also citrus fruits like lemon, oranges are some good options.

#Q27. Are Eggs bad/good for a sore throat?

Eggs are healthy proteins so eat them regularly.

#Q28. Is Milk Good for a sore throat?

A warm cup of milk with turmeric is good.

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Turmeric Milk

#Q29. What should I eat if my throat hurts?

  • Warm food
  • Cooked homemade food
  • Broth with plenty of pepper and Garlic.

#Q30. Does Apple cider vinegar kill Strep throat infection?

Apple Cider Vinegar does have anti-bacterial property. However, I am not sure if it kills strep throat infection.

#Q31. Does Gargling with salt water help to relieve sore throat?

Of course yes.

#Q32. Is Coffee Good for Sore throat?

Not a good idea. Try to avoid caffeine as much as possible. However, if you are a coffee person then perhaps it would be a good idea to stick to one cup in the morning followed by a warm glass of water.

#Q33. Can Whiskey cure a sore throat?

How I wish it could! However, I am not sure.

#Q34. Will Strep throat go away on its own?

Normally it should go by 3-10 days maximum. If it prolongs, it would be a good idea to check with a health care professional.

#Q35. Is Fireball good for a sore throat?

I have heard of Cinnamon whiskey and honey, lemon drink. I have not tried myself but you may go for it as the ingredients seem refreshing!

#Q36. Can Strep throat kill you?

Normally No. But yes there us some Streptococcal toxic shock syndrome which is a rare condition that is considered as fatal.
(Why would do you want to think of all rare and negative stuff? Chill! Nothing wrong is happening!)

#Q37. Do I need an antibiotic for Strep throat?

Strep throat is another self-limited disease. This means it will go off on its own. Better to avoid one unless the doctor prescribes depends on the condition.

#Q38. Is Wine Good for a sore throat?

I wish it was true. I am not sure.

#Q39. What is the best antibiotic for strep throat?

Penicillin or Amoxicillin.

#Q40. Does Sore throat need anti-biotic?


#Q41. Does crying make your throat hurt?

Yes absolutely.

#Q42. Why does my throat hurt when I want to cry?

Muscle tension and Stress.

#Q43. How do you get rid of neck pain from sleeping wrong?

By sleeping Right 😉 You need to sleep in a good posture. Preferably sleeping on your right. Check out my wrong sleeping posture given in the article and also get the right posture as shown in the picture next to it.

#Q44. How long does it take a strained neck to heal?

Normally a week to 10 days. In case of severe injury, it can last up to 12 weeks.
I am more than 3 weeks running with throat pain and my neck pain lasted for 15 days.

#Q45. Can Sinus drainage cause throat pain?

Yes, it can. Your nose produces mucus from time to time that travels down the throat. When this mucus thickens especially due to postnasal drip or dry sinus, it can cause pain to the throat. Gargling with slightly hot water and salt really helps.

#Q46. What is dry Sinus? Does it cause throat pain?

You can get dry sinus if the mucus membranes in your sinuses lack enough moisture. Staying hydrated with a warm glass of water frequently is a very good option.

#Q47.How should we keep our selves hydrated when we have a dry throat that pains?

Well, drink water, especially warm water frequently. Other options would be a steam bath, keeping a humidifier in the room, nasal spray, plenty of fluids like broth, tea (preferably caffeine-free), etc.

#Q48. Does Throat infection cause ear pain?

Yes, it can cause ear pain. It depends on the severity of the infection. It pains a lot it might be a case that the bacterial infection has traveled back to the middle ear into the eustachian tubes. You should check it with the doctor if there is a lot of ear pain.

#Q49. Is Sore throat/ Strep throat or throat pain a sign of COVID-19?

The major signs of COVID-19 are fever, dry cough, and extreme fatigue. Throat pain falls under some minor symptoms and it should be accompanied by other symptoms of COVID-19 like fever and cough. However, not many people show signs of COVID-19 these days. If you have a fever with throat pain, it is best to check with a doctor.

#Q50. What are the symptoms of throat cancer?

The symptoms are difficulty in swallowing, a lump in the throat that does not go, ear pain, sore throat, voice changes.

The good news is that throat cancer is relatively uncommon among all other cancers. So please remain positive and do not jump into negative conclusions.

Take away: 

In life, you face many challenges as parents, and as individuals that make you stronger and help you to grow as an individual.

Here is some takeaway from the current challenge that I have been facing that can perhaps help my readers:

  • Do not Panic – You will be Just Fine.
  • Do not Stress - you will only delay the healing process that way.
  • Water! Water! Drink as much water as you can. ( Warm WATER by the way).
  • Salt Water GARGLING is your best buddy right now.
  • Throat Injury is not Uncommon. Think you are a Boxing Champ!
  • Your own body heals on its own. Trust it and you will soon see the changes.
  • Relax with whatever way you think you can relax. Music, reading, chatting and of course, good sex is a stress-reliever. Trust me! It helps.
  • Use your phone often to text.
  • You might be mute to talk but not dumb in mind. So use your mind and talk to the world with texts and messages if it vents out your frustrations if you have damaged your vocal cord.
  • Keep pen and paper or whiteboard with marker handy to give instructions and communicate.
  • Control your anger.
  • Reach out for friends and family for support (I just did for myself by writing this article to reach out to people! Do give me your comments to support me during this time).
  • Consider taking a scan in case you are over-worried.
  • Make use of all listed homemade remedies for Sore throat pain/ injury.
  • Positive thinking is a must. Remember there is a hero inside you. A warrior. Find him/ her and fight out of this temporary sickness.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and I do not have a nerve (or rather any muscle) to venture into this noble profession. The remedies and the ideas that I have shared in this article are my personal experiences and journey to the process of my recovery. Please check with a doctor in case of severe injury and strain.

Sharing my Lockdown story “My throat Hurts!” was a kind of stress-relief. I felt I am talking to people across nations and I have their good wishes and support. I need your love and support during this time and you can do that by posting your comments after this article.  If you want me to write on any particular topic that could be helpful please do let me know.

If you found the article helpful and liked my journal-style blogging which I did here do give me a shout out in the comment box.

Would you like me to do a sequel of this journal “My throat hurts!"

If yes please leave your feedback as comments. If I get sufficient entries and subscribers asking for a sequel I would be happy to share more such stories.

Your suggestions for improvement is always welcome.


Happy Parenting!


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